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I'm Amy, Founder of The Good Sleep Method™ and Certified Sleep Consultant Practitioner for Adults.

I help people improve their sleep to feel & perform at their best.

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If any of the following sounds like you, The Good Sleep Method™ is here to help:​

  • Suffering with short term or long term sleeping issues?

  • Wanting to build better sleep habits & routines?


  • Want to optimise your sleep to improve daytime performance?


  • Looking to support your long term health & improve wellbeing?


  • Wondering how you can feel less tired & more energised?

I offer phone and video consultations to provide personalised advice to help you improve your sleep challenges. I focus on evidence-based solutions that have been shown to improve sleep in as little as two weeks.

Evidence Based Solutions

Direct Access To A Sleep Expert

Personalised Advice

1-1 Sleep Support

What My Clients Say...

"Amy's expert sleep knowledge provided a different point of view, and led me to consider strategies I hadn't previously thought about. She was a pleasure to work with."

Edward, Finance Industry Professional

What My Clients Say...

"Amy's expert sleep knowledge provided a different point of view, and led me to consider strategies I hadn't previously thought about. She was a pleasure to work with."


Finance Industry Professional

"I feel brighter, more energetic and am enjoying much better sleep as a result of our work together. I'm confident that this will continue thanks to the tools and the support I’ve received."


Publishing Executive

"Amy was able to listen to and understand the issues I was as having and came up with a plan to help improve things. I can honestly say that I am now sleeping better than I have done in years."


IT Professional

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Immediate Sleep Support

30 minute phone consultation with Sleep Consultant Practitioner


Sleep Coaching Packages

Series of 50 min video consultations

Personalised Sleep Analysis

Sleep Action Plan

From £200

Sleep Coaching Package Enquiry - Book A Free Call

If you are interested in a series of sleep consultations (recommended to thoroughly address sleep challenges), please schedule a free 15 minute Sleep Discovery phone call with Amy to discuss:

  • The current sleep challenges you are having & your goals for better sleep.

  • What sleep coaching involves and how The Good Sleep Method can help you.

  • Answering any questions about the investment you are making in improving your sleep & wellbeing.

I will call you at the scheduled time, on your phone number provided, for an initial chat.

In case you struggle to find an available time in my calendar that works, please email me and I will try and accommodate you.

Free Sleep Discovery Call (15 mins)

  • What is a sleep coach or sleep consultant for adults?
    The term sleep coach and sleep consultant can be used interchangeably. They both refer to a professional who is trained and specialised in helping adults improve the quality and duration of their sleep.
  • What does the term ‘holistic’ mean when it comes to improving my sleep?
    The Good Sleep Method focuses on a holistic approach, which means we take into account all aspects of an individual's life, health, and well-being that might impact their sleep quality and duration. Instead of focusing solely on one specific aspect, such as sleep hygiene or bedtime routines, a holistic approach considers the interconnectedness of various factors that contribute to sleep and aims to address all of these aspects to promote overall wellbeing.
  • Do you offer insomnia treatment?
    Yes, insomnia is one of the most common challenges for my clients. I have a holistic approach to dealing with insomnia and consider the many factors which contribute to sleep disruption. The recommended first line strategy for tackling insomnia is CBT-i which has robust scientific evidence showing it's effectiveness. In addition, I also provide recommendations & techniques on lifestyle and behavioural factors which maybe disrupting your sleep, as well as ensuring your sleep environment is optimal.
  • How long will it be before I start to see results?
    Some people may start to see improvements in their sleep in a couple of days, whereas others may take a couple of weeks or longer. Studies have shown that CBT for insomnia is proven to work in up to 85% of people in as little as two weeks. Some people may feel more tired for the first few days but this should improve quickly when continuing The Good Sleep Method.
  • How do I know The Good Sleep Method will work for me?
    There is no way to guarantee results, however if you are committed to change and follow your personalised recommendations consistently, you will experience long term improvements in your sleep. Our holistic approach also leaves no stone unturned and offers the best possible chance for success in your Good Sleep journey.
  • I’ve tried to improve my sleep before but it didn’t work, how can this help?
    Whilst you may have tried individual strategies or medications previously, The Good Sleep Method’s holistic approach means that sleep optimisations will be made across multiple areas and cumulatively, these are more likely to be effective. We also work to a phased approach of changes to ensure that improvements will be sustainable on a long-term basis. Additionally, having the support of a 1-1 coach who is solely focused on improving your sleep will help hold you accountable and guide you through the process.
  • I’m currently on sleeping pills. Can The Good Sleep Method still help me?
    Yes, we can work with people who are on sleeping pills, as well as those not using sleeping pills. If you would like to taper down and reduce your sleeping pill usage, this method works perfectly alongside guidance from your doctor to help deliver long term results.
  • Can you help if I have other medical or psychological conditions alongside my sleeping problems?
    In most cases, yes. There are a small number of disorders that we cannot work with, however this can be discussed before you commit to anything in a free sleep discovery consultation call. Where appropriate, we will also recommend referrals to relevant medical professionals. Click to book a free call here.
  • I’m not sure my sleep problems are ‘bad enough’ to work with a sleep coach but I still want to improve my sleep habits and routines, can I still work with you?
    Absolutely! There are no issues too big or small. If you want to optimise your sleep to feel more refreshed & energised during the day and are ready to make some changes in your life, The Good Sleep Method is here to help.
  • What are the advantages of working with a sleep coach rather than trying to improve my sleep on my own?
    There are many (!), but to summarise, you will receive expert guidance from a trained professional who provides a personalised sleep action plan for your individual situation. The hard work and heavy lifting is done for you with comprehensive, evidence based strategies used to improve your sleep, in an easily digestible format. With the guidance of a coach, you can avoid trial and error and directly focus on strategies that are more likely to work, accelerating your progress toward better sleep. Coaching sessions will help hold you accountable and keep you on track with your sleep optimisation goals. The Good Sleep Method aims to instil lasting habits and understanding about sleep, which can lead to sustained improvements in sleep quality and overall health, even after the coaching relationship concludes.
  • Where are your services available?
    Where are your services available? We use video call, phone and emails to help people improve their sleep and long-term wellbeing across the UK and worldwide. Face to face support is available via our home consulting room in North East London or in your home upon request. Corporate and spa / retreat services are available in the UK or internationally.
  • Do I need to involve a medical professional to improve my sleep?
    The majority of sleeping problems can be vastly improved by assessing and making changes across an individual’s lifestyle & behaviours, as well as restructuring their thinking patterns and routines, and optimising their sleep environment. Sleep coaches are trained to recognise disorders that would require the intervention of a medical professional and will provide the appropriate referrals & recommendations. If a person is already under the care of a medical professional (for disorders such as for sleep apnea), The Good Sleep Method can play a complimentary role alongside medications and medical interventions to help people achieve healthy, quality sleep and improve overall wellbeing.
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