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The Good Sleep Method™


Our tools & techniques are supported by scientific evidence, designed to:

  1. Reduce the amount of time it takes you to fall asleep

  2. Increase the amount of deep, restorative sleep you achieve

  3. Reduce the amount of time spent awake during the night

  4. Increase your energy levels during the daytime

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Our Method Is Based On:
3 Pillars For Good Sleep


1. Lifestyle & Behaviours


2. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


3. Your Sleep Environment


Good sleep starts the moment you wake up.


The Good Sleep Method provides a holistic approach across the entire sleep-wake cycle. Lifestyle & behavioural adjustments are the first foundation of the plan to create a positive baseline in your overall wellbeing, which then allows the subsequent pillars to be most effective.


These can include: optimising your natural sleep-wake cycle, stress management techniques, mindfulness & relaxation, light exposure, nutrition, exercise, and more.

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CBT-i is the first line recommended treatment by the NHS for insomnia.

Whilst this is extremely effective in people with ongoing sleeping challenges, some of the key principles can also be applied to anyone trying to improve their sleep, such as:

  • Understanding how sleep affects our health & wellbeing.

  • Associating your bed with sleep (not wakeful activities - watching TV etc).

  • Maximising time spent in bed to achieve quality, restorative sleep.

  • Building a ‘buffer-zone’ between daytime activities and sleep.

  • Strategies to manage anxiety, worry and racing thoughts.

  • Reframing negative thought patterns around how you sleep.

  • Using Acceptance & Commitment Therapy to help deal with thoughts around sleep.


Optimising your sleep environment to set you up for a great night's sleep.

This is also sometimes known as 'sleep hygiene' or 'sleep habits' and involves an in depth look at the many factors which affect where and how you sleep.

These can include: bedroom design, lighting & ambience, technology & temperature, your bed & bedding, and more.

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Setting You Up For Success

  • 15-minute, complementary discovery call before you sign up, to get to know your needs and challenges.

  • Detailed questionnaire covering your history, sleep issues, current schedule, habits and lifestyle.

  • Goal setting (short and long term).

  • Sleep diary completion & analysis, to understand your sleep challenges & assess the best strategies to achieve your goals.

  • Coaching sessions via phone call, video or in person, working collaboratively on holistic solutions & techniques to improve your sleep in the long term.​

  • Tracking progress week on week, measuring against key sleep criteria.

  • Leaving you with informative materials and relapse prevention tools to continue your Good Sleep journey beyond our sessions.


Helping Anyone Become A 'Good Sleeper'

If you've been struggling with sleep for a long time, it's natural to believe you are just a 'bad sleeper' and that this can't be changed. However, this notion can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, which increases your sleep anxiety & results in low levels of deep (restorative) sleep.

Through our one to one coaching, The Good Sleep Method will arm you with the knowledge to shift your mindset and get a great night's sleep, improving your health, relationships, performance, and overall wellbeing in the long term.

*Results cannot be guaranteed, however research has shown that in up to 85% of people, improvements in sleep are generally seen in as little as 2 weeks of starting CBT-i.

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