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Client Testimonials & Results

Here's what my clients have to say about working together and the transformative results they have seen after working with The Good Sleep Method...

After Good Sleep Coaching, clients achieve an average of...

  • 300% increase in Sleep Satisfaction score.

  • 80 minutes increase in sleep duration.

  • 24 percentage points increase in Sleep Efficiency (the percentage of time spent in bed asleep).



University Lecturer

Amy wasn't just another set of generic sleep hygiene tips. Her approach was supportive, personalised, and most importantly, incredibly effective. She took the time to understand my personal sleep struggles and crafted a sleep action plan that addressed the root of the problem, not just the symptoms.

With Amy's guidance, I learned practical strategies to calm my racing thoughts, establish a relaxing bedtime routine, and finally break the sinister cycle of insomnia. It wasn't an overnight fix (nothing is), but within weeks, I was back to sleeping soundly through the night. Now my sleep is better than its ever been, and thanks to Amy I now have the tools to confront any sleep issues confidently should they arise in future.

The impact on my life has been nothing short of transformative, and I cannot overstate it enough. I have energy again, my mood has improved dramatically, my sleep anxiety is eradicated, and I have my life back. If you're struggling with sleep issues, don't choose to live with them. Do something about it and reach out to Amy. 



Amy was an incredible help to my bad sleep habits. She put together a really great plan for me, with simple steps and tips to implement. She was really helpful, really understood what I was struggling with and helped find me actionable steps. My sleep slowly improved over the last month and I’ve managed to keep up with the new habits. Amy is really knowledgeable, a great listener and gave amazing advice, tips and easy changes I could add to my busy lifestyle. Thank you Amy. Highly recommend xxx




I'm over the moon with gratitude for Amy's amazing support in addressing my five-year struggle with sleep issues! It's been a wonderful revelation to witness how quickly her assistance has brought positive changes. Now, I'm enjoying much better sleep quality, and waking up no longer comes with that dreaded tired feeling or anxiety about a lack of rest.

Amy's personalised sleep plan, like pure magic, has made a world of difference. A huge shout-out to Amy for helping me, as someone who initially doubted the possibility of a good night's sleep and establishing healthy sleep habits. If you're dealing with sleep troubles, especially if it's the kind that involves anxiety, fatigue, and the whole nighttime loop, please don't hesitate to chat with Amy!



Having suffered from broken sleep for years, I jumped at the opportunity at hopefully fixing, my long standing problem. Amy was great from the start - open, understanding and informative. Together, we pinpointed issues that were getting in the way of a good night's sleep and Amy diligently proposed a plan of tips and changes for me to implement into my daily routine - which proved successful. I understand in order to see continued results, I will have to action these changes indefinitely, but I'm very happy with the changes that I've experienced so far.

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